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For companies looking to conduct business in China,
China Sourcing Ltd offers the following expertise and services:

  • 20 years experience in China Sourcing and Trade
  • Responsible for China Sourcing transactions valued over US$100 million
  • Reliability, quick response time and guaranteed cost reduction
  • China Sourcing (products, parts, components, etc), licensing & Joint Ventures
  • Marketing channels to establish profitable export sales to China
  • Local representative office in China to protect business interests (including intellectual property and proprietary information) and optimize cost effectiveness
  • Maximize chance of success by avoiding pitfalls associated with cultural & commercial differences
  • Vendor screening, evaluation and qualification
  • Contract negotiations, compliance with Government regulations and trade laws
  • Simplified communication and personalized translation services
  • Quality Control services and product quality assurance
  • Logistics, transportation and customs clearance
  • Market research coordination
  • Local travel arrangements, visas and escort services to remote areas
  • Fee structure based on performance

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